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Previous broadcasts - Downloads and 'Listen Now'...
All below are available for download and copy, but you may not sell. Click on the appropriate horizontal box to see the library:
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  Adam & Liz Browne (Reading)  including NL Conf at Quinta 2021
  Andrew Shuttleworth (Brough, Yorkshire)
Andy Hunter (Mid Devon)
Bob Claycamp  (Colorado, USA)
Dai Patterson (Lampeter, Wales)

David Meeten (Wirral)  including NL Conf at Quinta 2021
  David Snow (Broadstone)
Derrick Harrison (Edgbaston, B'ham)
Fineke Janssen (La Paz, Bolivia)
  Fred Tomlinson (Abbotsford, Canada) 
  Josep Miquel  Rossello Ferrer (Exmouth)
  Josh Morris (Exeter) & friends
Julian Harrison (Nottinghan)
  Keith Kelly (Bagillt, North Wales)
Larry & Ruth Hill (Carrickmines, Dublin)  including NL Conf at Quinta 2021
Lesley Cobill (U.K.)  including NL Conf at Quinta 2021
  Les & Vicky Wheeldon (Epsom)  including NL Conf at Quinta 2021
  Malcolm Ford (Rora House, Devon)
  Mary Seaton (Vale of Glamorgan)
  Matt Barrow (Worthing)
  Matthew Skirton (OM, Quinta) including NL Conf at Quinta 2021
  Norman Meeten (Liverpool)
  Paolo Mauriello (Montesarchio, Italy)
Peter Richards (St Austell)
Peter Elks (the Wirral)
Ron Bailey (Reading)
  Roger & Helen Jacobs (The Wirral)
  Ron Perschky (Exeter)
  Sarah Chinnaraja (Wirral)  including NL Conf at Quinta 2021
Terry & Fran Watson (St Leonards on Sea)   

AUDIO BOOK- 'Mountains, Medicines and Miracles' by Mollie Clark MBE - This short but powerful story is a close up account of the challenges endured by people who live in magnificent but remote valleys set in the Himalayan mountains. Mollie came to Bhutan in 1968 to work with the Leprosy Mission. It was a country she came to love passionately and serve with honour.
Mollie Clark (Devon) audio book - listen on line now

AUDIO BOOK- 'Episodes from the Life of a Medical Missionary' (published Sept 2019) Dr Allan Bapty - Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Nepal (Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital).
  Dr Allan Bapty (Devon) audio book - listen on line now

AUDIO BOOK- 'Travelling by Road, Rail, Sea, Air (and Wheelchair) in North America' (September to October 2016) by Mike Fox
  Mike Fox (Torquay) audio book - listen on line now

Keith Kelly sermons and biblical teaching from evangelist Keith Kelly, and he is very happy to send to you free of charge copy of his books, click on the link for more detail.
  Keith Kelly (Bagillt, North Wales)

Sermons from the ministry of the late DR A W TOZER
1897 - 1963 In the book about the life of Dr A W Tozer.  David Fant says: This prophet of God was easily distinguished from the common rank of   preachers, authors, and editors. His was an originality of thought, a spiritual depth of message, a craftsmanship of style. When he spoke, people listened, what he wrote, they   read. We are privileged to have stock of about 200 sermons of Dr A W Tozer and make them  freely available to all those who appreciate his ministry.
  Dr A W Tozer (1897-1965) sermons from his ministry

5'The Big Journey' an adventure through The Bible in thirty parts, written and   narrated by Robert Betts, formerly of Epsom Fellowship and now with Harborough   Evangelical  Church in Leicestshire. Completed July 2015
  Robert Betts (Leicestershire)

6 Recent recordings from Westgate Christian Fellowship, Exeter.
  Westgate Church Exeter

7 Betty's own story and some recordings made especially for New Life Radio
Betty Clare (1927-2014) in memory

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